Nicholas J. Salmons

Nicholas J. Salmons

My name is Nicholas J. Salmons. I’m a journalist for the Dorset Daily News in Dorset, UK. I have been writing about all topics, from human interest to business, since I was 14. I have always been interested in writing and telling stories, and I firmly believe that everyone has a story worth telling. This is what drives me in my work as a journalist – the opportunity to share other people’s stories with the world. I have been lucky enough to interview some fascinating people over the years and have also had the opportunity to travel to some amazing places. I believe that journalism is a powerful tool for bringing about positive change in the world, and I am proud

After graduating from University, I started working with print and online media. I have written about many different topics, from education to fashion. I have also worked as a freelance writer for several years, and have written for both small and large publications. I enjoy writing because it allows me to share my thoughts and ideas with others, and to help them learn more about the world around them.


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